How You Can Make Money with Online Shopping

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Like most, you probably love nothing more than finding great deals on the web. But even internet prices are becoming bigger, just like stores. However, you can make money with online shopping to help you get more of what you need and have some extra cash left over.

Prepare Your Computer First

First, you must make sure your device can handle the apps and software you need to use. If you have an older phone, PC or laptop, give it a good clearout with apps like CCleaner. This will remove junk data and help your device run faster. Also, it helps to make your ad blocker software undetectable ( because some websites won’t let you use their online shopping rewards if you have one installed.

Make Money with Online Shopping with Cashback

The first way of making money when shopping online that you are most likely to use is cashback. Cashback gives you small rewards based on how much you spend. For example, you might be rewarded with 10p for every £10 you spend. It doesn’t sound like much but combined with other methods, and if you shop online a lot, it can really add up. And over the course of a year, you will find you have quite a bit of spare money for things like Xmas presents.

Shop on Behalf of Others

Not everyone can get out and about. Some might be limited in terms of walking capabilities. And others may not have the time or have to look after children. You can shop online on behalf of these people. You can use sites like Instacart to shop for groceries for other people so they can be collected and delivered. Some of these sites offer around £10 per order, and you can make a substantial bit of income. And even more, if you combine this with freelance shopping work.

Sign Up for Coupon Apps

Like cashback, coupons have many advantages. You don’t get cashback per sé. But you do have the potential to save a lot of money on your shopping. For online shopping, coupons usually come in the form of promo codes. Popular examples include Domino’s Pizza, where you can find codes online that can give your great deals and 50% off your order. You can also combine coupon apps and promo codes to make even more money when shopping for others.

Take Advantage of Loyalty Schemes

Loyalty schemes have been around for a while, and they are still going strong. And countries like the UK and the US have a long history of offering these to valued customers. You can sign up easily for any of them, but some require switching, such as saving money with a bank:

  • Supermarkets usually offer in-store discounts, online savings and partner rewards.
  • Drug stores often allow you to save tons on cosmetics and essentials with points.
  • Get a food chain reward card if you tend to eat out a lot for your lunch break.
  • Get the study books you need with a bookstore rewards card if you are a student.
  • Finish a cram session with coffee shop free stuff when you use a loyalty program.
  • Kit out your home or dorm with in-store and online discounts from furniture stores.
  • Use rewards schemes for expensive video game purchases to get credit and vouchers.

Pretty much every type of shopping experience and the payout you do will offer some kind of rewards program. Even Sony now offers vouchers via its PlayStation Stars loyalty program. So it always helps to check for anywhere you can earn and always sign up if help is available.

Buy Through Shopping Apps

You will probably mostly do your online shopping using your computer web browser. But there are also dedicated apps you can use. Apps like Monetha are excellent for retail sales. And you can earn instant rewards if you buy stuff directly through it. Often, these apps won’t pay you directly. But they will reward you with electronic gift cards, vouchers and even cryptocurrency for the tech-savvy among you. Just don’t ask for Bitcoin just yet, and keep an eye on Ethereum.

Buy with Your Credit Card

Of course, you may or may not be aware of credit card rewards. Most major credit card issuers will give you rewards for using other cards. Often this includes shopping but also paying your regular bills. Your bank might also offer a similar scheme. Typically you will get some sort of cashback system when using credit cards. For example, American Express offers cashback of up to 6% when you pay for fuel, food or even streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video.

Get a Job to Make Money with Online Shopping

You can, of course, get a job that pays you for shopping online or in-store. Known as personal shopping, you can get paid to go on the web or visit a local store on behalf of someone else. How you get paid depends on your arrangement with clients. For example, they can pay you for each shopping trip or online browsing based on your time. Or you can offer a retainer fee similar to a lawyer, whereby you get paid a fee on an ongoing basis but shop when you are required.

Explore Other Avenues of Income

Of course, shopping isn’t the only use for the web. And if you put your mind to it and don’t mind some effort, you can explore other ways to make money online aside from shopping. Being paid for something you are good at, such as virtual assistance, writing, or tech support, is a popular option. But there are also gigs such as taking surveys, providing reviews and website testing that require no skills, just time. They don’t often pay well, but they add up over time.


If you enjoy nothing more than browsing the wares of web-based retailers, then perhaps you should consider some ways to make money with online shopping. These include using cashback schemes, loyalty reward cards and shopping on behalf of someone else.

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