Hello, I'm Chiara

I am a wife, mother of three kids and The Founder of “The Hacking of Life” Blog. I live in Philadelphia, Pa. I created this blog to help people hack their way through this thing called “LIFE“.

Through my blog, you can find tips on Fitness & Nutrition, budgeting, recipes, self-care and more! You will also be able to explore Printables and Planners products in our Shop. (Coming Soon)

The Hacking of Life is for anyone who is looking to Hack any aspect of their life. 

About Me:

My Superpower is Finding & Planning Extremely Thrifty Vacations and Parties. I love to travel.  Honestly, If I am home too long, I start to get Cabin Fever.  I’m a Sagittarius, we love roaming around and discovering new places.


I think Chiara is really good at planning and paying attention to detail. When she is planning a DIY project for example, she searches for what she wants, then she reads up about it so she's sure of how she will execute it, then she buys everything she needs, and follows through. She has made some pretty cool things like "lockers" for the kids book bags, wall art of different kinds and so many things. When she plans a party, you want for nothing. Everything matches from the decorations to the plates, cups, she'll buy t-shirts for everyone or "Leis" if it's a Hawaiian theme with grass skirts of course! lol She has lots of good ideas and will make sure she gets it all done never forgetting little details that pull it all together.
Beryl. H

Fun Facts About Me

I want to Thank you for taking the time to get to know me.  I hope you enjoy The Hacking of Life! Don’t forget to Follow us on our Social Media Channels. 

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