5 Easy Desserts That Family Will Love

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Many people desire to have dessert after eating lunch or dinner, as it can influence their mood positively. Moreover, taking desserts can promote weight control while satisfying your cravings. Seeing these benefits, you can boost your family’s desire for desserts to help them look forward to an exciting meal. Here are some quick and easy desserts you can prepare to spice up your meals. 

1. Pancakes

Pancakes are flat cakes made from starch-based batter, eggs, milk, and butter. They are fried on both sides in a pan, often with oil or butter. They come in different flavors depending on how you love them prepared. They are simple to prepare and delicious. It can serve as a carbohydrate source because of the flour ingredients, so keep this in mind. It is important to note that our body uses this carbohydrate as a primary fuel source.

2. Chocolate mousse

You and your family can enjoy your chocolate mousse after dinner, and it’s simple to prepare. Start by melting your plain chocolate, whisk it into your milk, fold your cream into your cooled chocolate mixture, and refrigerate for 25 minutes; then, you and your family are good to go. However, you should note that chocolate is a mood booster for the family. Therefore, get ready for an active family after taking this dessert.

3. Tres Leches Cake

The tres leches cake is a Mexican cake comprising the cake, milk mixture, and creamy whipped topping. It will be best to learn how to make tres leches cake to benefit from its nutritional value. It is worth noting that the milk used in the preparation of the tres leches cake provides your body with the needed protein boost, which will help build muscle when combined with exercise. The good thing about it is that it has simple ingredients available at any grocery store, which makes it a great go-to dessert if you want to whip something up quickly.

4. Banana frittata

The Banana Frittata is similar to the traditional pancake, although you have to add some bananas to your recipe. It’s a good way to motivate your children to take in fruits as part of their dessert, so keep this in mind. You can also substitute bananas with apples, so feel free to consider this. 

5. Homemade fruit ice cream

Homemade fruit ice cream may sound a bit stressful, but you can learn the easier method to prepare it. First, you need to identify the fruit flavor you’d like to make. When that is identified, you freeze your fruit. Depending on your preference, it could be mangoes, strawberries, or any other. Mix the frozen fruit and sugar in a processor, process until the fruit is roughly chopped, and decrease the processor speed while slowly pouring in the double cream until fully mixed in and serve. What a creamy, nutritious dessert!

Desserts are delicious additions to every meal. Moreover, they offer many health benefits. Hopefully, you’ll consider these options to spice up your family mealtimes. 

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