10 New Year’s Traditions from Around the World That Will Bring You Luck

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Ring in the New Year with some of the most interesting traditions from around the world! These ten traditions will have you crossing your fingers and toes for good luck in the coming year. From making loud noises to avoiding black cats, these customs are sure to bring you a bit of good fortune in 2023. So grab a glass of champagne and get ready to learn about some of the quirkiest New Year’s traditions out there!

Japanese New Year’s Bell

Every year at midnight, temples throughout Japan will ring a bell 108 times. This practice is called Joya no Kane, which translates to “the bell of the new year” and is meant to get rid of any evil from the past year. The ringing of the bells also signifies spiritual cleansing and it is believed that each toll brings in good luck for the coming year.


In India, gulal (also known as colored powder) is thrown into the air at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Hindus use this tradition to honor goddess Gauri during their celebrations. People gather in public places and throw handfuls of colorful gulal around while wishing each other happy holidays!


In Spain, New Year’s celebrations include a popular tradition of eating 12 grapes. This is done in hopes of receiving good luck for the upcoming year. Each grape symbolizes a different month and the idea is to eat one per minute right before midnight starts. If you manage to eat all twelve grapes within that time, you are said to have a lucky and prosperous new year!

Jumping Seven Waves

In Brazil, people take part in the unique tradition of jumping seven waves at midnight into the sea on New Year’s Day. The act symbolizes cleansing oneself from bad energy and starting the year with fresh vibes! Local folklore says that if you complete this task successfully, you will be granted seven wishes in the coming year.


Making loud noises is one of the most common New Year’s traditions around the world. The idea is to chase away bad luck and make room for good things to come! In South American countries, people often set off fireworks or bang pots and pans together on New Year’s Eve. This practice is also popular in Italy, where it’s believed that eating lentils during this time brings prosperity, especially if done with honey and sausage.

Eating Pork

In many European countries, pork is a traditional meal on New Year’s Day as it symbolizes progress and wealth for the upcoming year. Pigs are said to bring luck due to their habit of rooting forward in search of food. Eating pork is believed to help people move forward and make progress in the coming year.

New Year’s Resolutions

Making promises for the new year is a popular tradition all over the world, but it has its roots in Ancient Babylon. Back then, it was believed that making promises to gods could grant protection or favors during the next twelve months. Nowadays, most people create resolutions as a way of self-improvement and setting goals for themselves.


In certain Latin American countries, people place coins under their plate on New Year’s Day as a gesture of good luck and wealth in the upcoming year. This practice is called “Limpia con Monedas” (cleansing with coins). Some people even share the coins with loved ones to bring them luck as well!

Open Doors and Windows

In some parts of Germany, it is believed that leaving doors and windows open at midnight will allow bad luck from the past year to escape. This tradition is meant to create an atmosphere of good energy for the coming months. Similarly, many North American countries have adopted this practice in recent years as a way to start anew.

Black Eyed Peas

In the Southern United States, it is believed that eating black eyed peas on New Year’s Day brings luck and wealth for the upcoming year. This tradition dates back to Civil War times when people would use these beans as a source of sustenance during winter months. Although this practice has evolved over time, it still remains a popular way to bring prosperity into the new year! Try this instant pot black eyed peas recipe for a delicious and lucky dish!

No matter what traditions you decide to follow, keep in mind that they are all meant to bring in luck and happiness for the upcoming year. So make sure to have some fun with them and make unique memories with your family and friends as you welcome 2023 with open arms!

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