6 Ways To Reduce Food Waste and Save Money

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What do you do with your leftover food? In a time when prices are skyrocketing, being as creative with food as possible can help you use up everything you have and ensure nothing goes to waste. The last thing you should be doing is throwing food away and contributing to increased waste and a loss of resources, not to mention the cost of wasted food.

This post looks at some ways you can reduce food wastage and use up leftovers.

Freeze it

Not everything is able to be frozen; however, many things can be. The first and possibly the easiest option is to freeze anything you won’t use before it goes out of date if it is freezable. For example, if you have fresh fruit or veg that will otherwise be wasted, why not try chopping and freezing it? With veg, parboil it quickly, then dry it off and freeze it for use for another time.

Roast it

What do you do with your feelings? Potato peelings, carrot peelings, parsnips, and even apple peelings can be roasted to make delicious snacks and finger foods. Simply wash them and pop them in the oven to help you create a healthier snack and something extra to add to your meals. So before you throw them away, why not throw them on an oven sheet, sprinkle them in a little bit of oil and seasonings, and give them a try?

Repurpose it

Not all foods need to be eaten in the way they were intended. Why not mix it up and try something different with it? For example, if you have leftover cornflakes, why not look at how to make cornflake cookies or use leftover meats and grains to make hash browns, soups, or pies and use fruits in your salads, baking, and even curries for a different flavor twist.

Swap them

Why not ask family or friends if they will use what you might end up wasting and take some food off their hands to reduce waste too? This way, you can open yourself up to trying new foods, exploring different tastes, and finding new favorite meals to enjoy.

Make leftovers

If you have surplus food at the end of your meal, simply dish it up and make it into leftovers for the next day. You can eat it for lunch or freeze it, but instead of scraping it into the bin, portion it into containers for boys to enjoy at a later date and remove the need to cook again by relating it when you are ready to eat it.

Portion control

Another great way to reduce leftovers and wasted food is only to buy precisely what you need and use exact portion sizes. Buy your ingredients in smaller sizes or individually and use scales to measure ingredients to help you avoid overcooking and having surplus food you might not eat. This can help you to become more frugal and avoid waste while also saving money.


2.5 billion tonnes of food waste is wasted each year, and the UK and US alone could eradicate world hunger with the amount of food wasted. Making small but consistent changes can help you to contribute to those figures and become more economical with your food choices.

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