Want To Save Money? Make Everything You Own Last Longer

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Saving money by depriving yourself of life’s essentials is challenging. Going without is always difficult. And buying things that fall apart quickly is often a false economy. 

However, there is a different approach you can take: simply making everything you own last longer. 

But how do you do this, exactly? In this post, we take a look. Here are some of our ideas:

Wash Your Clothes Inside Out

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Washing your clothes inside out might seem like a gimmick, but it actually works. When you wash this way around, the interior fabric takes more abuse than the exterior. As it circulates in the machine, it rubs up against the other items in the wash, protecting the outward-facing fabric that people will see as you go about your life. Repeat this process over the course of a year, and your clothes will still look brand new as if you just plucked them off the shelf. 

Keep Your Batteries Topped Up

Whether you use batteries for your car, motorboat, bicycle, or lawn mower, keeping them topped up can be a great way to save money. That’s because charged batteries tend to experience less internal damage than those allowed to drain.

Keeping batteries topped up might sound like an administrative challenge, but there are easier ways to do it. For instance, you can invest in a battery maintainer which is a little different from a regular charger. Maintainers monitor battery electrical output and only top them up when they need it, instead of continually forcing charge through their internal chemistry. 

Vacuum Your Carpet More Often

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Carpets are prone to collecting dirt and dust. And when they do, it can damage them.

Dust in and of itself isn’t the problem. Instead, it’s the combination of abrasive pressure from human feet and tiny microparticles that causes the damage. Friction damages the carpet fibers, causing them to lose their integrity over time, making the carpet damaged and matted. 

Make sure that you vacuum your carpets at least once per week, focusing on high-volume areas.

Lubricate Your Drill Bits And Blades

Buying new drill bits and blades is expensive, but a necessary evil for people who do a lot of DIY. However, many DIYers are missing a trick: lubrication. 

Before you plunge a bit into a piece of wood, lube it up using a suitable product. This will reduce friction on the surface of the bit without compromising its cutting power, leading to less degradation of the material, making it last longer. 

Buy Accessories That Last

Many people go through life buying inexpensive pieces of jewelry that break after a few months. They look for the cheapest items possible, hoping to save money. 

Again, though, it’s a false economy. You’re much better off with good-quality keepsake rings made of sturdy materials. These are designed to last for a lifetime, and beyond. 

Revive Your Dead Sharpies

When Sharpies dry out, most people throw them in the trash. However, you can bring some markers back to life, just by adding rubbing alcohol. Take the rear lid off the Sharpie and then pour in a small amount of alcohol and wait for it to absorb into the felt material. After a couple of minutes, it should reach the tip of the pen, allowing you to use it again. Once the pigment starts flowing, you can begin drawing. 

Use Natural Drain Cleaning Enzymes

Drain cleaner is tough on both plastic and metal pipes. It softens plastic ones while corroding metal ones, leading to more frequent and expensive repairs. 

Instead of using chemical drain cleaners, look for natural, slower-acting ones instead. These use natural enzymes to break down materials that get stuck in your drain, such as hair. 

Keep Your Work Boots Operational With Rubber Toes

Work boots typically fail at the toes first, even if the rest of the boot is perfectly serviceable. However, you can add protection to most models by using rubber toes. These simply cap the boot, providing an additional protective shell. 

Use Toothpaste On Your Sneakers

Sneakers tend to lose their shine pretty quickly, especially white ones. However, you can keep them looking their best with non-gel toothpaste. 

Allowing debris to build up on your roof causes it to deteriorate faster. Therefore, invest in an extension pole and attach it to your broom so you can brush any unwanted leaves or twigs away. 

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