How to Make a Smoothie Bowl in a Jar

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You know how to make a smoothie in a bowl, but what about a jar? This has the same basic components, but you are putting it in a mason jar for an interesting look. The way you build it is slightly different since you’re working with a container that is deeper and less wide.

Here are some tips for making a smoothie bowl in a jar.

Add Toppings to the Bottom and Top

One difference when creating a smoothie bowl in a jar is that you will be able to see the bottom and middle of the concoction as well, not just the top. This means it is fun to add your toppings to the bottom! You can easily see the different layers in the smoothie jar, similar to when you have a yogurt parfait.

Not only is this fun for aesthetic appeal if that makes a big difference for you, but since it is a deeper jar, you will get the toppings flavor through multiple bites by placing some on the bottom or even the middle if you decide to layer it.

Use Multiple Types of Smoothie Mixtures

Another fun way to make your smoothie jar more exciting is by using multiple recipes of the smoothie itself. This might take a little more time and prep work, but you can easily save each separate mixture in the refrigerator or freezer for next time, or make multiple jars now and pop them in the freezer!

Try making smoothies of different colors, such as a purple one with berries, pink one with the bright dragon fruit, and a green smoothie. Put each layer in to create a multi-colored smoothie jar.

Find Interesting Ways to Layer the Ingredients

An easy way to layer the ingredients in your smoothie bowl is to simple add a little smoothie mixture, some toppings, more smoothie mixture, and more toppings until you reach the top. But don’t forget about other ways of doing this!

One fun thing to do is tilt the jar, then add a little of your smoothie mixture, followed by toppings. Keep it tilted, then when you reach the top, flip it back to where it is upright and see the neat design you created.

Use a Fun Jar

When you make smoothie bowls in jars you really enjoy using, you will find that you are more inclined to have them every day. For example, you can use a vintage-style mason jar or a decorative jar you found at your local retail outlet.

Really have fun with it and try to get as creative as possible. This further encourages you to eat healthier by having more of these delicious smoothie bowls in jars.


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