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8 Small Kitchen Organization Hacks You Need to Know

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8 Small Kitchen Organization Hacks You Need to Know

Does your small kitchen feel cluttered and disorganized? Are you looking for some creative solutions to maximize storage and maintain order in your compact cooking space? Look no further! Here are 8 small kitchen organization hacks to help you get organized and make the most of your space.

1. Hang Up Your Pots & Pans

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If you don’t have a lot of cabinet or drawer space, consider hanging up your pots and pans. Not only does it free up valuable storage space, but it also looks stylish and neat. Utilize an overhead pot rack or use strong command hooks to hang your cookware from the walls or ceiling.

2. Utilize Over-the-Door Storage Solutions

Another great way to get more storage out of limited cabinet space is by making use of over-the-door storage solutions such as hanging bins or baskets where you can store things like cleaning supplies, snacks or even cookbooks without taking up any additional countertop space!

3. Utilize Wall Space

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Walls are often overlooked when it comes to making use of storage space in a kitchen. But with the right organization tools, walls can be an effective way to store items such as spice racks, paper towel holders, pot holders, utensils and even mugs or plates. When shopping for wall-mounted storage solutions, look for functional pieces that fit your specific needs.

4. Use Clear Containers

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If you have open shelving in your kitchen, clear containers are a great way to stay organized while still being able to see what you have on hand at a glance. Choose containers that can be easily labeled for added convenience with a label maker.

5. Put Up Magnetic Strips For Knives And Utensils

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Save drawer (and finger) space by installing magnetic strips above countertops—this makes knives and other sharp utensils easy-to-grab but safely stored away from little hands too which is always a bonus! Plus it looks sleek & modern which is a major plus too 😉 !

6. Get Creative With Your Pantry Storage

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Many people underestimate just how much storage potential their pantry has – but with some creative thinking (and maybe some DIY ideas) it can be transformed into an incredibly efficient organizational tool! For example try utilizing lazy susans for storing canned goods; stackable bins for holding boxed foods; over-the-door organizers for snacks; magnetic strips for spices; etc.. And if all else fails just remember that sometimes all it takes is a little bit of reorganization within existing pantry shelves/cabinets!

7. Hang Baskets On The Wall

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If you don’t have enough cabinet space for all of your dishes then hanging baskets on the wall is an easy way to keep them organized while also adding a decorative touch to your kitchen décor. You could hang one large basket near the sink filled with dish towels or hang several smaller ones over the stovetop filled with essential cooking tools such as measuring spoons and spatulas.

8. Make Use Of Cabinets With Drawers

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Cabinets with drawers are another great way to maximize storage in a small kitchen because they make organization easier by allowing smaller items such as spices or utensils to be kept neat and tidy without taking up too much room in the cabinet itself. Plus they are usually fairly affordable compared to other options like shelving systems or other custom cabinetry solutions.


With these eight simple hacks, organizing a small kitchen doesn’t have to feel overwhelming anymore! From utilizing wall space wisely and investing in multi-purpose appliances/furniture pieces, there’s plenty that can be done without breaking the bank – all it takes is some creativity and a bit of DIY know how!

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