Sharing My Story of Depression, Anxiety, and Cancer!

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Sharing My Story of Depression, Anxiety, and Cancer!

Depression, anxiety, and cancer have been long-time struggles for many people around the world. As an individual who has experienced these issues for the past few years, I can proudly say that I have come out stronger on the other side.

In order to share my story with others and potentially help others struggling with similar issues, I am featured on a website called Tracking Happiness.

Tracking Happiness is a website dedicated to helping individuals find hope in their lives after going through difficult times. The website allows individuals to share their stories of struggle and eventual triumph as they heal from deep emotional wounds or physical scars. It is also a source of information that can help individuals understand what it means to heal from trauma and be resilient afterward.

You can check out my story here. My Struggle With Depression, Anxiety, and Cancer and How I’m Coping With it

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