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Tips for Creating a Relaxing Place to Journal

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If you want to start journaling every day, finding a relaxing place to do it is going to help. While you don’t need to have an entire room dedicated to journaling, you do want to have a relaxing space you can retreat to. Here, you’ll discover some great tips on how to create a relaxing place to journal.

Choose a quiet space.

The first thing to focus on when looking for the perfect journaling space, is whether it is quiet. You are going to need a quiet area to write to get your thoughts and feelings clearly down onto the paper. 

If you have kids, you can do it when they are in bed or you could create a quiet space in your bedroom where you won’t be disturbed. You can journal anywhere that is comfortable and quiet. It could even be an outdoor space in warmer weather.

Eliminate any clutter

Wherever you choose to base your journaling space, it’s important to eliminate any clutter. When a space is cluttered, it can cause our mind to become cluttered too. So, clean up the area and make sure it is organized. 

The more organized your journaling space, the easier you will find it to write.

Add a plant to the space.

You will want to make your journaling space as pleasant as you can. This means it should be visually appealing as well as comfortable. Adding a plant to the space can help to give it a sense of calm and tranquility. There are hundreds of different types of plants, ensuring there is one to match your preferences. 

Plants are also known to improve air quality, boosting the oxygen within the space. Not all plants will boost air quality so be sure to look specifically for plants with this feature if you want to gain the most benefits. 

Utilize the power of scent.

When you are going to write, you can control how you feel with the power of scent. You can create a relaxing, calming space by using a Lavender scent for example. Or you can improve your focus and concentration with a citrus scent. 

Think about a scent that helps you to feel calmer and more focused. Whatever scent you love, if you add it to your journaling routine, you’ll look forward to doing it. 

Have comfortable seating available.

Another thing you’ll want to focus on is comfortable seating. You aren’t going to want to write, or at least write for long, if you don’t have a comfortable seat. You could write on your bed, or in an ergonomic office chair. Some people also prefer to write on a large, oversized beanbag. The more comfortable your writing space, the longer you are likely to stick to it.

It isn’t hard to create a relaxing space for journaling. Whether you choose to do it at a desk in your office, or while sitting on your bed, the above tips will help you to create the best space.

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