The jolly Rancher remix Ride at Hersheypark

Our Family Fun Day at Hershey Park

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Hershey Park in Hershey, Pennsylvania has something for everyone! Located just a short drive away from Philadelphia and the surrounding area, this park is well worth the visit. An oasis of fun and joy can be found within its gates.

The main attraction of Hershey Park is the theme park itself, which offers more than 70 rides and attractions to enjoy. Of these attractions, some of the top picks include Roller Coasters such as Storm Runner, Great Bear, and Fahrenheit. These thrill rides are sure to provide adrenaline-pumping fun for any roller coaster fan! For those seeking a calmer ride experience, Hershey Park also boasts both dry and water rides such as The Kissing Tower and Skyview too. The park even has Kiddie Rides for young ones to join in on the fun!

In addition to its thrilling collection of rides, Hershey Park also houses an abundance of dining options. From classic fast food staples like pizza and hot dogs to more unique offerings like funnel cakes and handcrafted milkshakes – there’s something here for every palate. And don’t forget about one of their newest additions: The Jolly Rancher Remix Ride! This interactive dark ride features bright lights, music, animatronic characters, and plenty of sweet treats – all brought together for one unforgettable experience.

The Jolly Rancher Remix at Hersheypark

But Hershey Park isn’t just about its various forms of entertainment; it also promotes several educational experiences too! You can explore “Zoo America” where you can see up close some amazing animals including bison, bald eagles, black bear cubs, white-tailed deer fawns & more. Or take the family on a tour where you’ll learn all about how Milton S. Hershey impacted his beloved town with his chocolate empire. If that doesn’t satisfy your need for learning more about history & innovation – why not participate in Chocolate World Factory Tours? Here you will discover how our favorite treat is made right down to watching cacao beans being roasted into cocoa powder & finishing with samples at the end – Yum!

For outdoor enthusiasts looking to relax after a full day at the park – don’t miss out on taking advantage of their beautiful gardens! Stop by Hershey Gardens to stroll around and see the horticulture before hitting up their Boardwalk Water Works for aquatic thrills throughout the summer months. Those seeking even more amusement will definitely want to check out “The Boardwalk At Hersheypark” which offers everything from shopping & dining establishments to nightly shows & special events in celebration of holidays or special occasions throughout the year – be sure not to miss out on this vibrant part of the park either!

All in all – anyone visiting Pennsylvania needs to make sure they check out what Hershey Park has to offer because it truly has something for everyone in your family or group no matter what their interests may be! With so much excitement packed into one place – it would be impossible not to have an incredible time while exploring everything this venue has in store.

Here are my Children’s Favorite Rides:

My 14yr old Son Richard really loved these rides:


Great Bear

Jolly Rancher remix

My 19yr old Daughter Jaelyn really loved these rides:


Coal Cracker

My 9yr old Son Chrisitan really loved these rides:

Swing Thing


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