how to create a passive income

How To Create A Passive Income

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Stop worrying about money and start looking toward a brighter financial future! With the right strategies, you can make more cash without sacrificing your quality of life. By taking advantage of web-based passive income streams, your monthly budget will easily meet or exceed all living expenses – even allowing for some fun extras to enjoy with family and friends. Don’t struggle any longer; take control of your finances today by creating multiple sources of reliable income online!

If you’re looking to create a reliable income stream, then look no further than passive income. It won’t be easy; it’ll take effort and time. But if you put the work in now, your future financial self will thank you for the rewards! So why not start building your way to wealth today?

Here are five ideas to create a passive income online:

1. Start a Blog

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Ready to take your online presence to the next level? Start a blog and join millions of others who are discovering that their voice has value. Although building an empire takes time, effort, and dedication — responding to comments from readers, and interacting with other bloggers daily – you can reap financial rewards for simply giving your opinion. With steady blogging comes great monetary success; after establishing yourself in this arena expect up to over $1k/month!

Bloggers earn money through several different avenues. However, some of the most common and basic methods of earning passive income through a blog are Google’s Adsense program and other comparable pay-per-click systems, private advertisers, and affiliate commissions.

I got started with blogging with The Free Blog Plan and Blog by Number Course. To make sure I was using SEO correctly I highly recommend Stupid Simple SEO and Simple SEO: 30 SEO Tasks

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2. Write articles for ad-sharing websites

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Ad-sharing websites allow you to post articles to their website directory and earn ad revenue each time a visitor clicks on an advertisement next to your article. Taking part in work-at-home forums is an effective way of getting leads to some of the highest-paying ad revenue websites. Some examples of successful ad revenue websites are,, and

3. Flip blogs for quick cash

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Looking to make a few bucks in the shortest amount of time? Look no further. With blog flipping, you can generate income within hours! All it takes is buying an aged or new domain name, selecting creative WordPress themes, and adding presence-grabbing content. When that’s all done – voila! You’re ready to flip your newly created blog on sites like Flippa and Sitepoint for quick profits – why not give it a try?

4. Sell stock photography

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Unleash your inner artist and make the most of your photography skills. Take pictures of visually stunning images, give them a creative touch-up with Photoshop if you like, then turn that art into income by selling stock photos online! With websites such as or offering easy access to potential customers worldwide – it’s never been more simple to show off what you can do while making money doing it!

Sales may be slow at first, but remember you’re building a passive income that treats you to some nice checks month after month. Once you’ve built up an inventory of several dozen photos, sales will begin to pick up.

5. Become an affiliate marketer

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Are you ready to start earning serious commissions promoting other people’s products online? As an affiliate marketer, you could unlock up to 75% of each sale generated just by marketing products through the power of email and article campaigns. Not sure how it works? Don’t worry – there are several easy-to-follow strategies that will get your business off the ground in no time!

Tip – Writing two articles is unlikely to result in a sale. Write 20 articles and you’re chances increase exponentially. Write 200 articles and you’ll get the ball rolling on some nice commissions.


Creating a passive income is a great way to make money while you sleep! It takes some initial effort to set up, but it’s worth it in the long run. Try out one of these methods and let us know how it goes. What passive income source are you going to try?

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