Couponing FAQ’S

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Here are some of the top Frequently Asked Questions about Couponing.


You may only use one manufacturer coupon per item.  A manufacturer coupon and a store coupon may be used together to purchase one item as long as neither coupon prohibits it. Please read the coupon very carefully. Manufacturer coupons will state “Manufacturer Coupon” across the top of the coupons.

  • Newspaper insert coupons:  About 95% of the time, these are manufacturer coupons.  Sometimes, Target and Walgreens will have store coupons in the Sunday paper.
  • Printable coupons:  Mostly all printable coupons are “manufacturer”.
  • Blinkies:  Blinkies are manufacturer coupons
  • Tearpads:  Tearpads are manufacturer coupons
  • Peelies:  Peelies are manufacturer coupons
  • eCoupons: eCoupons are manufacturer or store coupons. Most stores do not allow stacking an eCoupon with a clipped paper coup

What is a manufacturer coupon?


Manufacturer coupons are issued by manufacturers of products for use at any store that accepts manufacturer coupons. They say “manufacturer’s coupon” somewhere on the coupon.

You’ll notice that manufacturer coupons are almost always for a dollar-off amount like “$1 off” or “Save $2 when you buy two.”

So, when you give a manufacturer coupon like “$0.25 off Crest Toothpaste” to a store cashier, the store will get reimbursed for that $0.25 by Crest’s manufacturer. This means the store doesn’t take a hit when you use manufacturer coupons. In fact, coupons are like cash to them, even though there’s a process they need to go through in order to get reimbursed by the manufacturer.

You can only ever use one manufacturer coupon per item you buy. If you want to use two “$0.25 off Crest Toothpaste” coupons, you need to buy two tubes of Crest toothpaste.

Where can I find manufacturer coupons?

When it comes to manufacturer coupons, the name of the game is getting as many as you can so you can use them on multiple items and build a small stockpile when you find products at the lowest price possible. This way, you’re never paying full price for your essentials.

Newspaper coupons

Where can I find them? Paper manufacturer coupons live inside Sunday newspaper inserts like Smart Source (SS), Save, and Procter & Gamble (PG), and Unilever Super Saver.

How many identical coupons can I get? As many as you want. The best thing about newspaper coupons — and the reason people still bother with them — is you can buy as many copies of the Sunday paper as you want in order to get multiples of the same manufacturer coupons.

Printable coupons

Where can I find them? You’ve got a couple of options here. You can find printable coupons at offers a lot of coupons, but you need to scroll through them all to see if they have diaper coupons. You can also often find manufacturer coupons on manufacturers’ websites directly, like or by brand name, like Kellogg’s.

How many identical coupons can I get? You can print each coupon twice per mobile number at This means you’ll register for a account and then when you’ve printed two of a coupon, you’ll reach your “print limit.” A little hack for getting more coupons? Sign your partner up for a account so you can get four prints instead of two.

Digital coupons

Where can I find them? Look for these through specific store apps or websites. For grocery shopping, download the CVS appWalgreens app, and Target app to find digital manufacturer coupons.

How many identical coupons can I get? Typically you can just get one coupon per purchase. You’ll “clip” the coupon by tapping it, and then if you’re placing an order through the app, the coupon applies to your order at checkout. If you’re using a digital coupon in store, you’ll still “clip” it, but it will depend on the store for how it is applied. In most stores like CVS, Walgreens, and Kroger, the digital coupon is linked to your phone number and/or loyalty account. Target is one where you will scan your barcode in the Target Circle app. You can find this out by reading your store’s coupon policies, included below.

Where do I find my store’s coupon policy?

you’ll need to read your store’s coupon policy to make sure they don’t have any variations. For example, at Walmart you can only use one coupon per item, so no stacking. Period.

Here are some Store Coupon Policies:


During Holiday weekends, the paper will carry few or no inserts.  If you purchased at the store, you MUST check your paper for coupon inserts before you pay. Once you pay for your newspaper, you will be out of luck if there are no coupons inside.

Printable & Digital Coupons


Check out to get printable coupons:


You can print most coupons two times per computer by using the back button or re-selecting the original link to print the coupon a second time. Please Remember that the photocopying of a coupon is ILLEGAL.


Do not double coupon

“DND” means “Do Not Double.”  This is meant for the retailer, stating that they will not be reimbursed for a cent above the face value of the coupon. A store may or may not double your coupon that reads “do not double” as part of a store doubling promotion. Always check your store coupon policy to find out whether or not they will double a coupon that states “DND.”



Mostly all coupons read, “Limit One Per Purchase,” which means you may only use “One Coupon Per Item being Purchased.” There will be some coupons that read, “Limit 4 like coupons per transaction,” which means you can only use 4 of that same kind of coupon per checkout transaction. If you have multiple coupons, you should be able to use each of them, as long as you’re purchasing multiple items.


what is an ecoupon

An eCoupon is an electronic coupon that you access online and load to your store loyalty card.  When you scan your loyalty card at the cash register or give your phone number, you will automatically receive the savings if you’ve made a qualifying purchase.


Find store coupons in the store’s weekly ad, their mail flier, in-store coupon booklets, emails, mobile coupons, or those printed from a store’s website often store coupons.

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