Business Ideas Your Teens Can Start This Summer

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Business Ideas Your Teens Can Start This Summer

With entrepreneurship becoming more popular among many young adults, one of the best ways to teach your kids about responsibilities and careers is by encouraging them to start their own businesses. In 2020, 30.8% of US teens had a paying summer job. This means that children are increasingly looking for ways to become financially independent. The summer break offers your children a chance to explore their entrepreneurial skills and learn more about being a business owner. Here are some amazing business ideas you can encourage your kids to start at home this summer.

  1. Web design

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If you have a tech-savvy child with an eye for creativity, you can introduce them to web design. Most small businesses, especially start-ups, tend to look for less expensive web designers to create a website for their businesses. Encourage your child to start small to help them build their portfolio and earn money. 

There are several freelance websites like Fiverr, Upwork, or Moonlighting that your kids can check out for any web design opportunities. Apart from building on their tech skills, it will also teach them how to negotiate and advertise their businesses. These are all important life lessons that could help them in the future. 

  1. Babysitting

Babysitting might seem like an “old-school” gig and not the most lucrative. But for most older kids, it is one of the most stable jobs that they can have, especially when they find the right clients. Babysitters are needed now more than ever. Most working parents work over 60 hours per week and depend on babysitters to watch their kids regularly. Babysitters are less expensive to hire than full-time nannies or au pairs. Because it is more stable than most jobs, teenagers could earn a substantial amount of money, with some earning about $20,000 annually just from watching other kids. They also help with other tasks, including homework and other learning activities. Another good thing about babysitting is that if you have a good business attitude, you will be guaranteed to get referrals from your clients. 

If you have older kids, why not encourage them to take up babysitting this summer? It could go beyond having a summer job and turn into a part-time or fully-fledged business. 

  1. Festival or beach vendor

Summertime is the perfect season for festivals, beach parties, and events if you live in a coastal area. It’s also the perfect opportunity to help your kids start a vending business at these locations. Think of items visitors need when attending these events and ask your kids to list essential items they want to sell. Items like water, popsicles, and sunscreens are big hits at local events. You can also run a lemonade shop to provide customers with a cool beverage when the weather gets hot. Think beyond the classic summer lemonade stand, and allow them to get creative with different lemonade recipes. You can share an easy lemonade recipe with them that will be a highlight at any local event. 

  1. eCommerce

Your kids can also start selling things online to help them raise extra money. These could be items they no longer use or need. They could also put up crafts they made. eCommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy are some of the best places to find prepared buyers. You can also help them create an online store on Shopify and show them how to run or manage their business. 

The eCommerce space is extremely saturated, so your kids would have to get creative with how they advertise their products to increase their sales. They must also learn how to properly price products to sell at competitive prices while earning profit. 

  1. Social media

If you want your kids to gain entrepreneurial experience, earn money, and learn tons of life lessons this summer, this list will surely help them. Even if they don’t find what they are looking for here, there are several other opportunities for kids of all ages.

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