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Expert Tips For Making the Best Smoothie Bowl Ever

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You know the basics of putting together a smoothie bowl, including how to the make the smoothie itself and what toppings to use. However, there are still some other tips that really bring it to the next level.

Here are some tips to follow to continue with the smoothie bowl process.

Add Toppings to the Bottom of the Bowl

In most cases, you are going to add your flavorful toppings to the top of the bowl, not just as an added treat, but so you can create fun designs with your bowl. However, don’t forget about the bottom of the bowl!

You might not be able to see the toppings at the bottom, but when you reach the bottom of your smoothie breakfast, you will get an added treat. This is especially fun to do with granola at the bottom, since you will then have granola with almost every bite of fruit smoothie.

Use Fruit Juice Ice Cubes

Using ice cubes in your smoothie not only keeps it cold and frosty, but thickens it up a bit. Instead of just using plain ice cubes, try freezing fruit juice. Just pour your favorite juice inside an ice cube tray, then when they’re frozen, add them to your smoothie.

You are able to get the sweet flavor of the juice with the ice itself so you aren’t making the smoothie mixture too watery by adding straight fruit juice to it. Try different flavor combinations, such as pineapple juice in some parts of the tray, with cranberry juice in others.

Go for the low-sugar varieties when possible.

Don’t Forget the Healthy Fats!

While you probably don’t want a super fattening smoothie bowl, since that often defeats the purpose of the meal or snack idea, you should definitely include some fats. There are healthy fats that increase the nutrition of your bowl and really add a lot of protein and energy to your day.

Healthy fats are ideal for breakfast smoothie bowls, as well as ones you are making after a good workout. For example, you can add avocado to your smoothie bowl to add a rich and creamy texture, throw in some hemp or chia seeds, or add just about any type of nut or seed. Coconut oil is another excellent healthy fat to include.

Use Acai Powder

Acai berries are actually where smoothie bowls are originate from, hence the traditional name ‘acai bowls’. The acai berries found in the U.S. are usually in powder or paste form, making it easy to add to your smoothie base.

The acai powder really helps to thicken the smoothie, along with adding in more flavor and nutrition. Go ahead and find some acai to add to your smoothie bowl.


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