The Best Meditation Crystals For Energy, Healing and Stress

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Crystals have been used for centuries to help heal the body, mind and soul. They are often placed on acupuncture points or around the neck for their healing properties. Crystals can be used in meditation to increase energy, balance emotions and promote well-being. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best crystals that can help with stress relief, mental clarity, focus and more!

In this article, we will tackle:

  • What Crystal attracts positive energy?
  • What crystals get rid of negative thoughts?

Here are The Best Meditation Crystals for Energy, Healing and Stress.


Amethyst is said to possess a strong healing energy that aids in sleeping and supports blood circulation. It also balances your chakras by bringing both sides of you together, creating peace within yourself.


White quartz crystals hold a unique vibration from other crystals and are widely used in a variety of healing work. The clearer the crystal, the more it can help with a master healing vibration. White quartz crystals are often very pure in energy and are able to find energy blockages.

By using them in meditation, you can find that channeling thoughts to them will also help in releasing these thoughts from your mind. Once you channel the negative or running thoughts from your mind, you are able to think more clearly and are better able to clear your mind in meditation.

There are different kinds of quartz crystal, including:

  • clear
  • rose
  • smoky

Clear quartz is believed to improve awareness and reduce stress.

Rose quartz is known as the crystal of unconditional love. It’s said to boost feelings of self-love and foster loving relationships with others.

Smoky quartz is considered a grounding stone and may help you feel rooted to planet earth. It’s believed to be mood lifting and is used for protection.


Selenite is a natural stress reliever with the ability to clear your mind of negative thoughts. Selenite’s naturally calming vibration also helps in releasing negative and running thoughts from the mind, while its protective energy can act as a barrier against other people’s energies that could otherwise affect yours.

Those who experience anxiety or depression may find themselves thinking too much about their past mistakes or future events involving others – which selenite clears away by helping you focus on what matters most right now!


It’s hard to find the time for meditation, but it may be worth your while. If you have anxiety or depression and are looking for ways to calm your mind, crystals can help. For beginners and experienced people alike, these stones serve as an anchor point for their intentions during meditation sessions.

As a bonus, they also attract positive energy that helps with manifesting desires! Do you use crystal during mediation? Let us know what is on your list of must-have meditations tools below in the comments section.

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