20 of the Absolute Best Freebies on The Internet

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20 of the Absolute Best Freebies on The Internet

We all know that the internet is a fantastic place to find great deals, but did you know there are some amazing freebies out there? This blog post will give you 20 of the Absolute Best Freebies on The Internet.

Here's What we cover this is article:

  • What are the Best Freebie Sites?
  • Which companies give away free products?
  • How do I get free stuff off the Internet?
  • What sites actually send free samples?


1. Free Dunkin

Dunkin’ Donuts is a great place to go when you need caffeine in the morning. For every purchase that you make, they give out points with which customers can redeem for free cups of coffee and other beverages!
Dunkin’ Donuts rewards it’s loyal customers by giving away bonus drinks on birthdays as well as any time someone signs up for the DD Perks program.

2. Free Baby Diapers

Target is a favorite destination for many expecting parents, thanks to the variety of baby gear and helpful customer service. Target offers one-stop shopping with plenty of options – from cribs to car seats.

But when you register at target.com/baby, not only will your family get over $100 in free gifts just by registering there; if you are due any time soon (eight weeks before or after), you’ll receive 15% off on remaining items as well! You can also sign up for Huggies Rewards program right now and start earning points that go towards diapers, toys and gift cards – including 500 bonus points simply for signing up!

3. Free Roast Beef Sandwich

If you sign up for the email list at Arby’s, not only will they send you coupons and specials but with every purchase of a drink in-store or online, your free Roast Beef Classic sandwich is waiting.

4. Get $5 in Amazon or Google Stock

When you work a 9-5 and don’t have millionaires in your family, an investment like Amazon stock seems out of reach. That is why many people turn to the app Stash for help; it gives $5 worth of stocks from one company (such as Amazon) when they sign up with their account.

What makes this even better? When these companies profit, so can you! Some companies will send quarterly checks that include any dividends earned by shares owned or purchased on their platform — which includes every person who signed up with Stash!.

How to claim your free bonus: It takes just a couple of minutes to sign up and get your bonus stock — who knows, you may even just get a share of the “next Amazon.”

5. Free Pancakes, HELLO!

Sign up for the MyHop (that’s IHOP’s loyalty program) to get a free stack of pancakes. Once you create your account, you’ll get an email with your coupon that can be redeemed in just two weeks!

Tip: Pay attention to the expiration date, it is usually two weeks out.

6. Free Credit Score

Credit Sesame is a service that gives you your credit score for free. It only takes about 90 seconds to sign up and see what’s going on with your account! Not sure if it’s worth the time? Credit Sesame also provides an insightful way to check your credit report card, so you can find any errors or changes in information.

One small error could make all the difference when applying for future loans and jobs; don’t risk not being able to take advantage of opportunities because of one little mistake.

Sign up today at CreditSesame 

7. Free Bare Minerals Makeup

Looking good doesn’t come cheap. Whether you purchase lipstick, foundation, blush or primer; if it’s the best of the best that you’re looking for then this is what to expect: high prices and a lot of money spent on your face! But before spending any more cash (or wasting time trying out new products) check out Bare Minerals first — they want to give back with their free five-piece kit.

All customers need to do is pay shipping costs which are very reasonable at just $3 per item. If not interested in makeup samples there will also be eyelid shadow available so don’t miss out because these cosmetics might soon become an essential part of one’s routine as well as saving some serious dough down the line.

8. Free $10 for Sharing Your Receipts

Say goodbye to your boring grocery store receipts. Ibotta will pay you cash for taking pictures of them!

Here’s how it works:

  • Before going shopping, search online or use the app on your phone and pick out items from a list that are available at any given time.
  • Then when you get home take photos of the receipt with an item barcode in sight 
  • Then submit everything through the website or mobile app and wait up to 24 hours for approval!

The Best part is, just by signing up you get a $10 signup offer. Join Ibotta today!

9. Free $83 For Playing Solitaire

You can get paid up to $83 each time you win while playing Solitaire on your phone. All you need is an iPhone, and a free app called “Solitaire Cash” which lets you play for fun or real money with no catch. There are even actual human opponents so it’s not just the computer that keeps losing!

The top three players who solve the deck fastest can win real money — anywhere from $1 to $83.

10. Free Amazon Gift Cards

Grocery shopping is never easy, but these days it’s a downright struggle. Fighting crowds; keeping six feet of space—just buying toilet paper feels like an accomplishment! Shouldn’t you have something to show for your efforts?

What if there was an app that rewarded people just for going grocery shopping?! It’s called Fetch Rewards and here’s how it works: 

  • After downloading the app, all you need to do is take a picture of your receipt showing that you purchased one item from any brand listed on Fetch. 
  • For every purchase made through the app (up to 10 per day), they’ll reward their users with gift cards at places like Amazon or Walmart – up $10 in points after only three trips!

Download the free Fetch Rewards app here to start getting free gift cards.

11. Sephora Beauty Products

Become a “Beauty Insider,” and you will be entitled to receive one of your choice from either Fresh or Marc Jacobs on the day that we celebrate our birthdays.

12. Free Onesies

With Custom Snappies, you can create your own design for a onesie that will express as much fun and attitude as your little one does. With ever-changing colors and patterns to choose from, there is no limit on how creative you get with this simple garment.

You’ll never run out of designs or ideas when it comes to snappy baby clothes!

Get two free Custom Snappies with the promo code SHOPHER1 at checkout. You’ll just pay shipping and handling.

13. Up to Free in Cash

What would you do if we told that there’s a website willing to pay you for watching videos? You’d probably be skeptical, right?

A site called InboxDollars will actually give their users money just for sitting at home and checking out short video clips online.

One minute they might watch someone bake brownies while the next an update on Kardashian drama appears.

All one has to do is choose which of these videos they want to see and answer some questions about them afterward–brands are paying this company so as soon as people start clicking through, it passes over some profits onto its viewers!

You can earn up to $225 per month (not a guarantee) 

Go and Enter your email address here and you’ll immediately get a $5 bonus to get you started.

14. Free Price-Drop Monitoring (and Refunds!)

Ever wonder if a simple delete button could cost you money? Well, deleting emails is costing us at the very least. Intrigued now?

The secret weapons is called Paribus—a tool that gets back your hard-earned cash for online purchases. It’s free to sign up and once we do, it will scan through all of those receipts in your inbox (yikes!) If it discovers that you’ve purchased something from one its monitored retailers before an item price drops like crazy – they’ll help get some or even ALL of your refunded!

Bonus: if your guaranteed shipment shows up late, Paribus will help you get compensated.

15. Free Baby Leggings

Get 5 Pairs of  BabyLeggings Free. Just choose from the selection and go to your cart. At checkout, just use the code “SHOPHER1,” and you’ll only have to pay for shipping & handling.

16. Free $5 Worth of Stocks

It’s never too late to start investing. Acorns is the perfect way for those who don’t have much money upfront, but do what they can with every purchase and round up their transactions into a small fund that will grow over time as you continue down this path of frugality. You’ll get $5 just by signing up!

17. Free Baby Gifts

Join Enfamil Family Beginnings to get up to $400 in free gifts and a chance to win a $25,000 scholarship for your baby*. Your gifts will include things like coupons for baby necessities, free samples of Enfamil formula and other goodies.

18. Free Product Samples

Pinchme Samples

Love Free Samples?

Sign up to be a “Pincher” with PINCHme, and you’ll get a free box of samples of your choosing every week. In exchange, you’ll share your opinions about the new products you try.

19. Free Pizza

You can get a free personal one-topping pizza on your next visit when you sign up for Chuck E. Cheese’s More Cheese Rewards program.

For every three visits when you spend over $20, They’ll give you a reward of $10. Plus, there are unspecified treats on your birthday and half-birthday!

20. Free Access to National Parks

Every year, the National Park Service offers free dayswhen all national parks, monuments and historical sites offer free admission. Check the list to see what days they are offering free admission.


I had no idea that there are so many free things you can get. These are the 20 Absolute Best Freebies on the Internet.  What is your favorite freebie on this list?


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