The Real Benefits of Smoothie Bowls

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The smoothie bowl is making the rounds on Pinterest, Instagram, and many other social media sites. It is gaining a lot of attention due to its vibrant color, creative look, and of course the delicious taste!

However, don’t forget about all the other benefits, primarily how good for you it can be when replacing a meal or snack.

There Are a Lot of Vitamins and Nutrients

The first reason more people should be eating smoothie bowls is the fact that they contain a lot of ingredients. Nearly all the ingredients are good for you, from fresh or frozen fruit, to protein-rich granola and fat-burning chia seeds.

If you need more vitamin C in your diet, you can choose fruits and vegetables that contain a good amount of vitamin C, then add those nutrients in a delicious breakfast bowl.

It is Easy to Control the Nutritional Content

If you are concerned about having too much sugar, calories or fat in your smoothie bowl, not to worry! It is very easy to control exactly what the nutritional content is for every bowl.

If you want to reduce the sugar, lessen how much fruit you use, and make up for it with protein powder or adding in more yogurt or milk. To watch your calories, avoid using full-fat milk and use low-calorie fruits and vegetables. This allows you to easily customize the smoothie bowl to fit your needs.

The Flavor Options Are Endless

No matter how picky of an eater someone is, they are bound to find a smoothie bowl recipe they like! The great thing about smoothies in general is that it is easy to control the flavor and add any types of fruits or vegetables someone likes.

If you are making one for your kids, choose their absolutely favorite fruits and toppings, and they are sure to enjoy it more than cereal. It tastes sweet without all that added processed sugar from their favorite bowl of sugary cereal. You can’t go wrong with a good smoothie bowl.


Don’t forget about the fact that smoothie bowls are downright beautiful. These bowls make it so easy to be creative and really enjoy what you’re eating. Making the bowl is so much fun, that eating it will be even better. If you are someone that likes to Instagram your food, it is perfect.

This also makes children and teens more willing to try them, which is great if you want them to eat lower-fat and more nutritious foods each day. Let the kids pitch in to help with the bowls, especially with arranging the toppings. This goes far in encouraging them to eat more fruit and vegetables.

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