Benefits of Journaling

12 Proven Benefits of Journaling – Why You Should Start a Journal Today!

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12 Proven Benefits of Journaling - Why You Should Start a Journal Today!

Journaling is a great way to improve your mental health. Journaling can help you process past events, release emotions and gain insight into how you are feeling. It’s also an excellent tool for goal setting and problem-solving.

Studies have shown that people who journal for at least 15 minutes every day:

– Experience less stress
– Feel more in control of their lives
– Have a better sense of well being

Here are The 12 Benefits of Journaling:

1. Journaling Can Lead To Improved Health

Benefits of Journaling

New research shows that for those suffering from terminal or life-threatening diseases such as HIV/AIDS, asthma and arthritis journaling offers physical benefits.

In one study where people wrote about stressful events in their lives, they showed improvement with asthma and rheumatoid arthritis patients showing the most promising results.

The researchers believe this is because writing gives structure to your anxious feelings allowing you to get past them which can lead not only to better health but a more fulfilling lifestyle overall

2. Journaling Can Help Heal Your Injuries Faster

Benefits of Journaling

A new study published in the Journal of Health Psychology shows that journaling can help older adults heal faster after a medically necessary biopsy.

Researchers found that writing about stressful events helped patients make sense of tragedy and reduced their distress, which is beneficial because long-term upset increases your body’s level of stress hormones like cortisol, weakening your immune system.

So by writing about distressing experiences you lower both cortisone levels and allow yourself to heal more quickly!

3. Journaling Will Also Help You Sleep Better

Benefits of Journaling

The problem of unfinished tasks circling in your mind is a common one, but it’s something that can be fixed. A recent study has found out why you toss and turn at night: not because there are too many things on the to-do list or even due to sheer exhaustion; instead, bedtime worry about incomplete future tasks contributes significantly to people’s difficulty in falling asleep.

The research team says this type of anxiety will decrease if we focus more attention and energy on completing our current task during work hours so when evening falls upon us all we have left undone are completed items rather than half finished ones!

4. Journaling Improves Your Mood

Benefits of Journaling

Writing about your feelings can help you clear out intrusive thoughts and solve problems with a new perspective. Writing in an abstract, impersonal way also allows for calming effects that make people happier according to recent studies.

5. Journaling Helps You Find Your Voice

Benefits of Journaling

It’s empowering to know that you are the only one reading your thoughts. Writing is more than just a way of telling stories; it provides an outlet for all the things we don’t say and do in our daily lives because society dictates what makes us acceptable as well as who has access to them.

Journaling allows myself time each day when I am not feeling pressured, or even obligated, by social expectations so that my authentic self can come out with its own voice – which is freeing!

It doesn’t matter if others judge me while journaling because they have no idea how much power this medium gives me over my mental health issues like anxiety or depression – writing honestly becomes a form of self-acceptance wherein feelings start coming out without fear.

6. Journaling Pushes You Towards Your Goals

Benefits of Journaling

Journaling is an invaluable tool that helps you achieve your goals in life. Writing down them makes it more likely for you to commit, and expressive writing helps identify blocks on the way to achieving those goals as well as giving a sense of accomplishment when past successes are reviewed.

Tracking progress towards these big tasks can make any project seem smaller with plenty of room left over for improvements!

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7. Journaling Improves Your Mindfulness

Benefits of Journaling

Writing down your thoughts and surroundings is one way to get rid of those pesky worries about the future. Journaling can help you be more mindful every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes at a time.

You’ll learn how to pay attention better with all five senses because mindfulness helps put things into perspective instead of letting them pass by unnoticed or without any appreciation.

Mindfulness lets everything come in clearer and appreciate life while living it today

8. Journaling Helps You With Deal With Traumatic Experiences

Benefits of Journaling

Journaling has been shown to help in more extreme cases, too. A review showed that young refugees and immigrants who have experienced war trauma were able to process their trauma through journaling.

In another study, students who wrote about their traumatic experiences for six weeks reported a better mood than the group of people writing about daily life events; this could be due to processing the event or coming up with new coping mechanisms from it all together.

9. Journaling Can Help Boost Your Self-Esteem

Benefits of Journaling

It’s important to know that the voice in your head, whether it be an inner critic or a self-doubter, never goes away. But journaling is one way of putting this into perspective and giving space for those positive thoughts so negativity won’t consume you.

10. Journaling Can Boost Your Creativity

Benefits of Journaling

A journal is a safe space for honesty that will free you from thinking about what you should be writing. It also frees you from endlessly comparing yourself to others as well, since your thoughts remain private and preserved on paper in one place; scattered all over the internet they may never have been discovered at all!

The act of capturing our ideas onto paper not only helps us mentally process them but allows those precious gems of inspiration to finally come into fruition – just think how many amazing things are out there waiting for someone with an idea worth pursuing?

11. Journaling Can Reduce Your Stress and Anxiety

Benefits of Journaling

Journaling is a therapeutic method that can help you work through your anxious feelings and obsessive worries before they become stress. When you ask yourself how likely the worst-case scenario will happen, it helps provide perspective about what’s really going on in life.

Getting thoughts down on paper not only identifies where your bad mood stems from or when overgeneralizing words like “always” or “never” come into play but also provides insight for recognizing these patterns of thinking as well as changing them to be more realistic!

12. Journaling Can Help Reduce Symptoms of Depression

Benefits of Journaling

The act of writing clears your mind and helps you identify what’s really bothering you. It takes a load off and improves your mood, so if you’re feeling down pick up an old journal or start one from scratch!

When we are feeling low, it is often difficult to pinpoint why this may be happening- Journaling can help with that by helping us identify our patterns as well as specific thoughts leading to depression.

The benefits of journaling for depression:

Imagine you’re feeling down. You have a journal, but it’s full of sad memories and thoughts that make your mood worse instead of better. With this in mind, imagine what would happen if for some reason (maybe an ironic twist), the power went out? Suddenly all those bad feelings are no longer accessible to keep us company on our dark days because they weren’t written anywhere!

But there is so much good – like how kind people can be or places we want to go with friends one day before bedtime comes. Writing these things makes them feel more real; making them possible again brings hope back into focus too!

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Benefits of Journaling

2 thoughts on “12 Proven Benefits of Journaling – Why You Should Start a Journal Today!”

  1. I use to love journaling but I need to get back into doing it again! This blog was very helpful. I never knew how journaling could have so much positive outcomes on your healthy, and everyday lifestyle!! Very informative!!

    1. Hello Jessica,

      Yes, I don’t think people realize how little things like journaling can impact our lifestyle. I personally am trying to be more mindful of this to improve my own lifestyle. I am so happy that you found this article helpful! 🙂

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